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I need “things” on the wall. A sentence I’ve been saying since moving into my new apartment a few months ago. Slowly but surely I seem to be filling in the empty spaces in each room. The walls on the other hand are taking a back seat. I’ve never been good with buying art. Sure I’ve seen pieces that I’ve thought are nice but I would really like to purchase art that is either supporting my local community or art that donates to those less fortunate. Finding art that fills those voids is no small task. Sure there is plenty of local art but is it any good and do I want that hanging on the walls of my house.

On a recent search of buying art online, I found Artegee. I couldn’t have been happier with what I had discovered. So what type of site is this you ask?

Artegée is an online platform for students and graduates around the world to sign up and sell what they make to the public. Our site provides a stepping stone for the undiscovered talent in the younger generation of artists, connecting them with buyers looking for promising, original and affordable pieces.

So basically what happens is, students and graduates from around the world can sell their paintings, drawings, photos, sculptures, furniture, clothing, and jewelry online. It is a one stop shop for all things handmade and you would definitely be supporting those that need the help.

Our vision is to become the go to place for students and graduates globally whose subject is to create, whether it be jewellery, art or fashion…and aid them in getting their work and talent out there in the public eye.

With your help, Artegée could become the first ever student powered brand, rivalling traditional corporations around the world.

Sure you can go on sites such as Etsy and Ebay but will you really be giving back to anyone? Most handmade items on Etsy are nice but where is the joy of helping that broke college student make a living. I love giving back to college students because for many of us we were once in their shoes.

What is different about this site is not only is there something for everyone but also in every budget. There are photos selling anywhere from $20-$400. What I also love is the diversity. Different takes and outlooks on life really make these unique pieces that I would love to have in my house. I am most take to the photographs from around the world. Many of you know we focus a bit on travel and love everything travel related. Having photographs in your house from different places don’t make me jealous rather inspire me to travel more.

If you have the chance to fill your walls with “things” why not try Artegee. It’s a great idea that could really help students and to save the world from becoming too corporate.

“Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth.”
― Pablo Picasso


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