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I know what you’re thinking, where have I been?! I’m so so so sorry I have been absent from my blog, as well as social media. Things started getting a bit crazy around here with work starting back up again, school starting, and still working a part-time job. Over the past two weeks I have managed to start a math class that is slowly consuming my life, I stopped writing on the blog,  and I stopped going to the gym. I feel awful about the last part. Today, however, things seemed to be getting a bit better. I pretty much stopped that part-time after-school job, our schedules weren’t meshing, and now I can focus more on all the school work I have and hopefully get my ass back to the gym, before I stress eat another cheese-it.

I have been trying to keep it together and thought I would share some of the items/products that have been making things a little bit easier for me:

LARGE Vera Bradly tote bag–a must have by pretty much every teacher I know. My old one was ripping from too much wear and tear, so I upgraded and bought the Grand Tote. It’s a tad big but will easily fit everything–so far so good!

plum crazy

Lean Cuisine frozen lunches–I’m not much of a frozen food person, but they totally have re-vamped Lean Cuisine. Less sodium, all-natural, low-calories, but full of protein. I bought a few to have throughout the week when I am too lazy to prepare a sandwich the night before. #winning

photo by Pop Sugar
photo by Pop Sugar

Matrix Oil Wonder–a new product given to me by my hairdresser and so far I really like everything that it does, making my morning routine much quicker. It softens, de-frizzes, protects my color, and add shines, all in one step.

Chocolate Covered Blueberries–from Trader Joe’s (of course), these things are dark chocolate, which is my favorite, and perfect for an after-dinner treat that I don’t feel too guilty about. Seriously I’m addicted.

so addicted to these!
so addicted to these!

Coastal Scents Revealed Palette–not that I’m putting on too much makeup in this heat, but this palette is seriously awesome and VERY similar to the pricey Urban Decay Naked palettes. If I dare put on eye makeup in the morning this is my go-to with colors for every occasion.

So as you can see, things around here mostly revolve around food and makeup, two things that keep me sane during this busy time. I’m going to work on my scheduling, but don’t get worried if you don’t see us around for a bit. Classes are crazy and I need to focus on that if I intend to graduate in May.


xoxo Lindsay


I like speaking in # and giving people makeovers. Stick around!


  • Sam // DIY Just Cuz

    Hi Lindsay! I just wanted to pop in and say keep it up. I see that you’ve got tons on your plate (and I totally understand that), but just keep chugging along. I think it’s great that you’re concerned about going to the gym…that’s a great way to relax and lose some of the pent up stress. Also good call on the dark chocolate covered blueberries. If you’re going to have chocolate anything might as well make it dark chocolate since it’s good for you (though I personally hate it haha!). Thanks for sharing with Welcome Home Wednesday, come back next week if you’re not too busy with all the things going on in your life! 😀

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