Currently {birthday week edition}

It’s only Tuesday-the slowest week by far this summer. I’m mainly rushing it because I am itching for Thursday (my birthday) and for Friday (going to see the man-slice). Normally, my birthday is a HUGE deal, this year however, turning 33 isn’t exactly making me what to jump for joy. I know I look young, but I’m telling you, I’m starting to feel very very old.  I’ve also included some oldie but goodie photos from the past decade or so…I hope you enjoy!

so currently…

wasn't I cute
wasn’t I cute

-I can’t believe summer is almost over, well not technically, but I do go back to work next week.

even cuter here
even cuter here

-I can’t believe I’m going to be 33…I seriously wish I was still 25 some days.

My 23rd birthday

-I am really getting excited to see my man this weekend, hoping for a little bling bling on my ring finger if you catch my drift.

-Perhaps that (from above) won’t happen this weekend but I can feel it coming!!!

4th of July, I think I was 25
4th of July, I think I was 25

-My summer class has ended, another A, for the grade book.

-Thursday night, my family is taking me to my favorite pizza place in RI, per my request. I hope they remember to get me a cupcake too.

Christmas, I think I was 29
Christmas, I think I was 29

-I have finally started getting back to the workout routine, since I’ve been back from the wedding.

-I also started looking up jobs in NJ for when I move in the spring–there’s actually a decent amount in mental health, which is nice.  I hope there will continue to be a lot when I start applying in April.

A friends wedding, 31 years old.
A friends wedding, 31 years old.

Anyways, that’s sorta whats been going on around here for the past week or so. Dredging my birthday but excited to see my boyfriend, long-distance is tough some times. Hope everyone is having a great start to the week!

currently 32 and yes that's my man
currently 32 and yes that’s my man


xoxo Lindsay



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