Currently: Healthy Foods Kick

Currently I am on a healthy foods kick as well as an overall fitness kick. I’ve really had to switch things up in my diet because now I am counting calories and really trying to stick to a plan. I am using the app My Plate and so far I really like it. I am budgeted 1600 calories/day. I had wanted to try 1200 but I think I’ll just have to wait until I lose some more weight. The app gives you the amount you should be eating/your weight.

So anyways, like I was saying I really had to plan out what I was going to eat each day. As someone who works in the school system, eating/drinking can really be hard to get down to a science, some days I barely get to the bathroom! So for me, I need stuff that is already packaged or easy enough to grab but will keep me full.


Breakfast: Muller Greek Yogurt + Belvita Breakfast Bars

Mid-Morning Snack: Piece of fruit or Fiber One Brownie + 16oz of water

Lunch: Protein Shake, 16oz of water, piece of fruit, carrots, and/or nuts

Afternoon Snack: Protein bar, 16oz of water, and fruit or nuts

My dinner varies but it always healthy. This is seriously what I eat on a daily basis, I just switch up the order depending on how I am feeling. I do however consume anywhere from 64-83oz of water a day. It’s been really awesome making the change.

Other changes I am making include:

-exercising 3-4 times a week

-stopping eating 3 hours before bed, so basically 7pm

-strength training like planking

It is not my intention for this blog to turn 100% into a fitness journey but currently that’s what is happening around here! Also I would really appreciate if you would take my reader survey to help me out with making this blog even better!!


xoxo Lindsay



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