Currently: Tired {July 4th edition}

Here in Rhode Island, today is officially the day that we are celebrating the 4th of July (strange I know), but for most people it is just a great day to unwind from the entire weekend. I had a pretty relaxed weekend, unlike years past, my 4th of July weekend wasn’t filled with tons of drinking and bar hopping, this year it was filled with a pool party and only some drinking (for me at least).

Each year I spend the 4th at my friends parents house. They have a gorgeous house right on the water and it becomes a giant pool party and cookout. This year my boyfriend actually came to RI to partake in this tradition of mine, instead of us going camping (thank god). No one wants to go camping with me, seriously. But anyways, we had a fantastic time on Saturday!!

my two drunk fools (boyfriend on right)
my two drunk fools (boyfriend on right)
selfie time
selfie time
group selfie
group selfie
thats my brother, and yes ladies he is single
that’s my brother, and yes ladies he is single

So, on Sunday, Chris and I went out to lunch down by the water and also went out for ice cream! I took him to one of the best ice cream places in Rhode Island, Brickleys! Then we went to the store so he could order some more bedroom furniture for his place in New Jersey, I’m slowing getting him more adult! haha My mom cooked us a great dinner, complete with short ribs and corn on the cobb-needless to say we couldn’t more afterwards.

So currently I am exhausted and wishing I had the day off. Instead I’ll be heading to work in a little bit and then home to work on my math homework for my class that starts today. I hope your 4th of July was a great one!


xoxo Lindsay

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