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So I think everyone knows that I moved last week (down the street) but to a much bigger place. My room is about the same size just much nicer. I have pretty much a great bureau/vanity space, an awesome tv nook, but my work space is still a bit on the dull side.

Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do

I usually do work in one of two places; the first being on my bed and the second being at my desk. Lets talk about my desk first. My desk is brown and very much a students desk. It is adult sized and all but it doesn’t scream fashionista. I never really thought too much about my desk until I started seeing others post about their work spaces. I haven’t really had to time to fix it up but I plan on it with some cute accessories.

My bed is a standard bed, firm, and supportive. I enjoy working here because it allows me to semi-lay down but yet prop my upper back against a few pillows. I do 90% of my work on my bed. I do the other 10% at my desk and that is usually when I have a serious paper to write, which I will be doing this weekend.

I have quite a few pictures pinned on Pinterest of my “dream work space” and here’s hoping I will actually get around to sprucing things up a bit. For now take a look at my current work space(s):

work space desk
work space desk
work space bed
work space bed

Now for the fun part, here are my dream work spaces. I will probably never paint my desk white but perhaps someday in the future I will have my space exactly the way I want it!

photo by: Simply Brittany
photo by: Simply Brittany
photo by: simply brittany
photo by: Simply Brittany

Ahh…a girl can dream can’t she? For those of you with picture perfect spaces, I envy you. If you’re looking for a new workspace, click here!  If you have any tips on how to decorate my work space on a budget, I would love to hear more!


xoxo Lindsay

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