Dairy Free in 30 days

30 days ago, I decided to try something new, something that I had never really given much thought about until recently–DAIRY.

Greek yogurt, Laughing Cow cheese, cheese sticks, pizza..mmmm

Yes those are a few of my favorites but giving up dairy meant giving up those as well. At the end of Septmeber I was having a conversation with my mother about high cholesterol and it really got me thinking about what I was eating that would contain larger amounts of cholesterol and when I found out dairy was a culprit, I decided to see what it would be like if I gave up dairy for 30 days.

Giving up dairy hasn’t been hard, it’s made me realize what I’m eating and how to really watch the amount of cheese I put into my body, did you know that everything good has cheese on it?! Seriously, it’s out of control! So long are the days where I just grab anything from a restaurant, I am being extremely cautious of my dairy intake.

30 days of no dairy has led me to a few conclusions:

  1. I feel much lighter. My body just feels good! I can’t explain it, but I never feel bloated anymore.
  2. I’m not really missing it. Yes, I love dairy but not having it, hasn’t been much of a problem at all.
  3. Discovering new love for alternatives to dairy. I’m on a huge Almond Milk kick, as well as soy cheese (don’t knock it till you try it). This means I can now find new ways to enjoy my food.
  4. I’m making better choices. Instead of the usual Friday night pizza or calzone, I am now opting for more chickenĀ or vegan pizza.

So now that I have made it 30 days, am I going back to dairy? Most likely not. I enjoy the way I feel and like finding new ways to make good food without all that cheese. I’m not about to go strictly vegan or anything but this has been an extremely fulfilling challenge for myself.


xoxo Lindsay

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