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Daycation @ Luniac Glamour

Everyone loves to pamper themselves semi-regular. Most of us plan out appointments weeks in advance and tend to stick to that tight schedule.  So what might happen if on a whim you decided to pamper yourself? Well I’ll tell you, a polished and fabulous you will emerge, even if it is on a weekday.

Today was the day I treated myself to an afternoon of glamour.  It’s not a secret that I live in Rhode Island and pretty much love it here, so of course when I’m thinking about going glamourous, Luniac Glamour comes to mind.

Most of you are loyal readers and probably have read a thing or two about Luniac Glamour in one way or another on Fashionista’s Travel.  One of the owners has been a friend of mine since we were 10 I believe (holy long time!) and I just absolutely love her shoppe and beauty bar!

So as I was saying, today after work, I treated myself to a blow-out and a manicure.  I don’t typically go outside of my regular salon for hair treatments but I am always on the look out for a good place to get my nails done.  Not to mention that Luniac Glamour is more than just a beauty bar, it is a locally stocked shop full of clothes, accessories, skin care items, and all things Rhode Island.

My blow-out was done by Courtney (sorry that sounds dirty) and also my nails as a matter of fact.  I was really impressed with the blow-out (it was actually my first), I ended up leaving with some serious volume! While I LOVED my hair, the nails are actually the highlight for me today.  Courtney talked about a new vinyl nail polish that is supposed to last about a week, so a little less than gel, BUT it is the same price as a regular manicure ($18).  I decided to give it a go and I freakin’ love how they turned out!

Vinyl nail polish in purple
Vinyl nail polish in purple
Fabulous blow-out
Fabulous blow-out

I’m telling you right now that if this polish goes a week and still looks good, I will be going back!! Let’s face it I’ll be going back regardless–I love it that much! Luniac Glamour runs some pretty great specials throughout the year and who can beat $20 blow-out Fridays?! Here is a list of their services:

LG menu
LG menu


Thanks to Jackie and Courtney for a great experience at Luniac Glamour today! I hope you all will go! :))

I like speaking in # and giving people makeovers. Stick around!

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