December Blog Challenge day 2: a day in the life of…

Whew! Today was seriously NUTS and welcome to the 2nd day of our December Blog Challenge! Today’s topic, ‘a day in the life of’ is quite fitting because you wouldn’t believe the day I had.

December Blog Challenge

I usually start my days very similar, waking up at 7am, allowing 1hr to get myself showered, dressed and out of the house. My school starts at 9am and I have morning supervision duty that I cover from 8:25-9am. Today started the same until around 9:30.

I have a student that is visually impaired and who happens to be a refugee from a small camp in Africa, so small in fact that only a handful of people speak this language. So today, he was supposed to see an eye specialist and his translator was SUPPOSED to pick up the mother and child to bring to this appointment.

I decided to make a phone call around 9:30 to double check that he was coming. I found that he was not planning on taking this student and that he wasn’t going to be working with the family anymore…AWESOME.

Needless to say my morning spiraled out of control with trying to figure out how to get this child and his mother to the appointment. Special Ed said they wouldn’t pay for a taxi because it was IEP related and this mother doesn’t drive or speak English.

After several run a rounds, we managed to figure out the ride situations and had this student to his appointment by 2pm. I spent from 9:30-1:00 figuring out this CRAZINESS!!!

Needless to say not everyday is like this but I certainly have nutty days when working within the school department. I’m exhausted just thinking about today and that’s why this post is coming so late in the day!!

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