December Blog Challenge day 5: Clothing or Accessories?

So as you know I’m always about a day late with this challenge. This weekend was filled with lots of traveling to NJ and then deciding to visit Philly (one more time)–we had a great time, just didn’t leave too much room to blog yesterday.

Needless to say, here we are and are trying to get back at it. Not only do I need to get my blogging back into shape but also my eating. I hate falling “off the wagon” on the weekends, especially when I do so good during the week. Oh well….

December Blog Challenge

Today’s topic,  (I’m still not sure if I’m happy with my answer), choosing just 1 accessory or article of clothing to buy. I want everything!!!

I still can’t really come up with anything, even as I sit here and type. I want a ton of stuff. I want a Louis, the Urban Decay shadow sets, a Kate Spade bag, Uggs in every color….see what I’m saying here??????

I *guess* if I have to pick something that I typically wouldn’t buy myself, I would have to say a pair of Hunter Rain Boots–I haven’t been able to justify spending that kind of money on rain boots. So Santa, if you’re up there, I’d like a pair please…in red!

What would you buy if you could only buy 1 article of clothing or accessory?

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