December blog challenge day 6: a day off

Of course I’m a day or two late with this challenge but better late than never. Anyways, a pretty terrible cold has taken over my body, even as I type this I am still feeling a bit “off”. Which I guess is almost perfect because it goes along with today’s topic…

December Blog Challenge

Today’s topic, my ideal day off, has good timing because I have found myself on a two week Christmas vacation! So anyways, my ideal day off would look something like this…

  • Wake up around 10 or 11
  • Go out to brunch with Chris (yes with mimosas)
  • Find a few outlets to go shopping at (assuming I have money)
  • Redbox a few movies and not leave the bed for a couple of hours
  • Take out Chinese dinner while we continue watching movies

Ahhhh that sounds pretty darn good….I will most likely replicate that at some point while I am on vacation. What does your ideal day off look like?

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xoxo Lindsay 

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