December blog challenge day 7: Holiday Traditions

Happy Holidays, 

Holy crap, where has the time gone?! I think every time I sit down to write for this challenge I am suddenly overwhelmed because I have missed a few days!

The holidays have been crazy, as I’m sure they have with you as well. There are so many things that take place this time of year, it often makes me nuts but yet really bask in all the traditions that have been made/new ones that have been started.

December Blog Challenge

The topic of traditions has been one that seems to have changed a lot for me over the years. The traditions we once had don’t seem to be happening much at all. Lately, I feel as though each year brings something new and I’m okay with that.

To say I have a favorite tradition for the holidays, simply isn’t true anymore. A lot of the traditions I had up until the past few years have vanished unfortunately. Christmas Eve used to be my favorite because of our traditions–it seems as though we don’t try anymore to keep up with traditions and what exactly they stand for.

Some of my favorite and still current traditions include; Christmas morning breakfast complete with cinnamon buns and bacon. I also enjoy watching morning television with my mom as we both sip coffee in our pajamas. I do wish that a lot of my older traditions were still in tact but I guess that’s just life.

As we approach the new year, I hope to start new traditions with Chris, as I embark on my move to New Jersey.

What are some of your holiday traditions?

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xoxo Lindsay 

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