December blog challenge day 8: Blog Favorites

Look at me blogging again with this challenge! I’m on a roll so lets just keep things going. It’s often hard to stay motivated, but what usually helps me is seeing my blogging peers posting on Facebook and Instagram (that reminds me to get at it)!

December Blog Challenge

I’m not sure where we would be without the support of peers in general. We need them for work and for life as a whole. Blogging is no different, so that’s why today’s topic is pretty cool, because it allows me to give some important shout outs!

Favorite Blogs of 2015

The Flynnians 

The Bag Page

The Glamourous Guide

Beauty and the Binky 

A Blissful Haven

Girl Talk 

Glam Karen

Heart and Moxie 

These are just a few of the blogs that have really grown on me this past year. I love following their posts, even though I am not able to comment all the time, reading their updates is really important.

My blog has been through some pretty good changes this year and it’s really been nice to make a few friends along the way. What have been your favorite blogs of 2015?

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xoxo Lindsay 






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