Destination Bridesmaid {what to pack}

As I mentally prepare for my upcoming trip, I am overwhelmed with the thought of packing. I have started a list but have found myself sleepless at night, trying to make sure I don’t forget to pack something of importance. Many of you know I’m not traveling to Chicago strictly for fun, I’m heading about 2.5 hours south (?) to farm country to take part in my best friends wedding. So as you can see, I have a lot to remember!

Last night my friend Nicole came over to give me a hair and makeup trial for the wedding. She is also invited and making the trip out to IL. Not only am I super glad she is going but since she’ll be in the hotel with us, she has offered to do my hair and makeup, saving me quite a bit of money. That being said, after we were finished, it added even more to my packing list!

Ugh, packing is the worst! I love to travel but this list is getting longer and longer. I do have some packing tips and tricks for you, so don’t worry this post isn’t all about my rambling.

5 packing tips from me to you:


1. Write down everything and I mean everything

This might sound silly but how many times have we made mental notes, assuring ourselves we didn’t need to write it down, only to forget it? Yep, happens all.the.time.

2. Pick your outfits out ahead of time

Besides my bridesmaid dress I do have to pack a few other things. Such as, a dress for the rehearsal dinner, clothes for Chicago and also the day we leave. I like to keep it simple and pack clothes that I can mix and match with, in case I feel fat in one thing (haha) I can switch to something else.

3. Undergarments are the key

I can’t tell you how wonderful it is that I started buying “adult panties” and by adult I mean a brand other than Hanes. I started wearing these awesome panties by Warners and I am in love. I have also noticed that they have a great effect on my wardrobe. No more lines, no more muffin top; it’s great and I actually just went to pick up a few more pairs to take on this trip.

4. 2 pairs of shoes, maxx

I know what you’re thinking but I’m not kidding when I say only allow yourself two pairs of shoes. In my case it’s 3 because of the wedding. However I am only packing 2 pairs. I plan on wearing the same pair on the days I don’t have wedding stuff. I did however need a pair for my rehearsal dinner dress, there was just no getting around that.

5. Don’t over think it

I know we can all get carried away and over pack for those just in case moments; but let’s be serious for a moment; those just in case moments rarely come up. I tend to go crazy with the underwear, thinking that I’ll need more pairs than I really do. I also think that I’m going to read two books on the plane. I am so easily distracted on airplanes, I should really only pack a magazine or two.

luggage full and ready to travel
luggage full and ready to travel

So these are my tips that I plan on sticking with when I start to pack next week. I’ve never been in a wedding that wasn’t a drive away–I’m still slightly nervous that I’ll forget something, but here’s hoping I can keep it together! What are your tips for packing or traveling? Tell us in the comments below!


xoxo Lindsay

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