Developing Your Internet Persona

With the dawn of social media has come more pressure than ever on millennial’s and bloggers to be cool, hip and on trend. The inevitable impact that this can have on mental health is challenging and one that is being combated through education and sensible social media usage. There has to be an acceptance that personas online can be dramatically different to real life individuals. You only have to look at online gaming such as World of Warcraft to see how a thirty-something guy from Minnesota can morph into a magical elfin princess. While you might not to be so blase about your online presence on social media, you do need to accept that not everything you see is truly real. Fake news, fake accounts and fake personas are rife.

You either love them or hate them, but filters are here to stay. They can make a blotchy, unflattering selfie look like a photo shoot head shot. By utilizing these tools, you can create an incredible and aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed. Take a look at how you can hone your cool Internet persona.


When we think about online photo sharing platforms, Instagram is the number one market leader. You can choose to crop your shots, leave them original, bombard them with filters and adjustments or frame them. The critical aspect to Instagram and making your feed look infinitely cooler is selecting a theme. While you adore Amaro, Willow, and Lo-Fi, it’s a sound idea to stick to just one of these. This makes your Instagram feed flow more and become more cohesive. This is vital if you are marketing a brand or trying to enhance your business.

Consider playing around with the bokeh effect of your shots and the compositions that you create. All the filters in the world can’t correct a dodgy looking photograph. Bokeh is the depth of field of your photographs. By focusing on one point of your shot, whether this is a landmark, a face or an object, making the rest of the image slightly out of focus can add an air of professionalism to your photos.

If you are craving more followers on your Instagram, then you need to become a master of the hashtag. Take a look at the most popular hashtags and mix them up with those that are a little more niche. Yes, you might have taken a gorgeous photo of the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset, but #sunset and #sanfrancisco are going to be such popular hashtags that your appearance on the search screen of the most recent shots will disappear very quickly. Instead, go for something a little more off piste, like #iheartsf or #bridgesofig. Thinking slightly outside of the box will help you generate a whole new viewership for your images and enhance your super cool Internet persona.

It’s Not All About Social Media

While Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook will make up the majority of your online presence, you also need to consider sites like Reddit, eBay and LinkedIn to develop your online persona. If you enjoy being part of an online community and sharing your thoughts on forums, consider enhancing your Reddit profile. By answering questions posed by others in a witty way, you could see your likes and upvotes increase dramatically. To get the ball rolling, you might want to consider the option to buy reddit upvotes. This can enhance any professional online marketing campaign you want to launch for your business, or it can be useful to simply see your popularity surge on another online platform.

When it comes to eBay, you need to ensure that your online reputation is second to none. Whether you are a seller or a buyer, or both, you need to make sure that you play by the rules and encourage positive feedback on your transactions. You could choose to make an eBay empire your main source of income. In doing this, you have become a retailer, so linking your social media accounts, including your all singing, all dancing and super cool new Instagram account is a must. By having a seamless, cohesive and achingly cool online persona, you can enhance a professional entity or feel safe in the knowledge that your presence is the envy of others.

If you’re keen to develop your online persona into something bigger, more nuanced, or more exciting, then take a look at this guide to see your readership, viewers, and followers increase. Before long, others will be looking to you for guidance regarding how to increase their likes and shares online.

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