DIY Guest Book {bridal shower}

Now that the shower I planned/hosted is over, I can share with you one of my DIY projects that I made! Everyone needs a guest book for a bridal shower, wedding, baby shower-so why not make it something that the person or couple will totally love!

Big wooden letters are pretty much all the “rage” right now when it comes to decorating so I figured why not use one for the guest book! I have to confess that the idea was found on Pinterest but it literally came with no instructions so everything I did was my own thought process.


Large wooden letter of couples last name or first names, whichever you think will be nice. For this I used there soon-to-be last name letter V

Spray paint and spray acrylic top coat

Glue gun


Decorative piece to give it a little something extra. I used a hair clip and just took off the clip part.

(I bought everything at Hobby Lobby, but I’m sure another craft store will work!)

before…but not the actual piece I used
the real finished product from the bridal shower
the real finished product from the bridal shower

I absolutely love how this came out!!! The shower was such a hit, it came out better than anything I could imagine. My best friend also enjoyed herself and so didn’t everyone! I loved planning this shower for so many reasons-I hope to be able to do something else in the future for her or someone else.


xoxo Lindsay


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