Do blondes have more fun?


That is probably the universal question when it comes to hair color. Do blondes have more fun? Are red heads feisty? Are brunettes boring? There really is no wrong answer and yes, sometimes, blondes do have more fun, speaking from experience.

Madison Reed is a company that has at home hair dye; their dye is a healthy salon-quality alternative. When they reached out to me to ask me that age-old question and I was thrilled to divulge my take on it. As someone who was born a blonde but slowly over time turned into a brunette I can speak on both accounts.

Do I have more fun than most because I am a blonde? Most likely not. I can be quite shy and reserved most of the time–I am not an ad for girls gone wild. Do I have a wild side? Sure, we all do, but in my case it requires booze. I like my wine A LOT, but I don’t think it has anything to do with my hair color. Do I act any differently drunk because I am a blonde? I highly doubt it.  I just happen to like dying my hair a darker blonde and insist that it is my best color. I often feel as though this conversation could turn into long hair vs short hair as well. Are those with short hair boring and mom-like? It could really go either way.


So that being said, I envy those that can pull off red hair, pink hair, and purple hair. I would probably argue that those with purple hair do have more fun than all of us. 😉 The bottom line is, we all have hair color that fits our personality and that is okay in my book. Personality is what sets us apart, not our hair color.

Although I will leave you with this thought, I get complimented on my hair ALL the time, from complete strangers. Is it because it’s short or blonde? hmmmmm????


What are your thoughts on this subject? Tell us in the comments below!


xoxo Lindsay


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