Do’s And Don’ts For Tbex13′ Virgins

With the arrival of the Travel Blog Exchange otherwise known as Tbex fast approaching, we here at Fashionista’s Travel are slowly preparing ourselves.

Flights have been booked, hotels have been rented, and friends have been notified! With Tbex being only 2 short months away its important to start mentally preparing as well.

Now after attending last years conference in Denver we aren’t calling ourselves experts or anything but if you are new to the scene aka a Tbex virgin then read on for some of the best do’s and don’ts this side of Toronto.

Ps: This is stuff we wish we knew last year and the year before…


-Book your flight as early as possible; you will score a much better deal.

-Figure out accommodations ASAP; spots fill up fast and lord knows you don’t want to pay through the nose for a hotel.

Now on to the fun:

-Drink and carry plenty of water with you

-Carry a snack or two; you never know when you’ll be able to grab dinner and drinks just always seem to happen before food. (Who could forget the men of Tbex after-party?)

Get to know fellow travel or your niche specific people prior to Tbex; this can be done easily via twitter and following the #Tbex13.

-Tweet A LOT while your there! This is another great way to meet up with people.

-Bring lots of business cards!

-Save all of those business cards you collect and send follow-up emails and or tweets to those people; it will help you stay connected.

-Set up a time to meet some of those people you constantly tweet with but don’t know in real life.

-Carry some paper and a pen; taking notes was something we didn’t do enough of last year.

-Make sure your phone is fully charged and even carry your charger for impromptu charges; like we said, it’s a long day.


-Don’t be a loner; networking is what drives this conference. Get up and chat with people.

-Don’t stay with the same people the whole time; try to form mini-sub groups so that way you end up making more contacts.

-Don’t be foolish enough to think that everyone has heard of you; be impressed by those few that have!

-Don’t be that girl or guy who drinks way to much before dinner (not that it’s happened to us before)

-Don’t be afraid to ask questions; how are we supposed to get better at blogging if we don’t ask questions.

-Don’t bring your laptop to the actual conference (unless your workshop calls for one) you will spend far too much time tweeting to use it.

So as you can see the list of Do’s out weights the list of Don’ts. There are so many things we wished we had done at last years conference that we didn’t get to do. There aren’t many things that you shouldn’t be doing at Tbex, the most important thing is to put yourself out there and connect with people you might not get to meet normally. We had a great time last year and are hoping for an even better time in Toronto!

I like speaking in # and giving people makeovers. Stick around!


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