Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Summer Style

Is your summer wardrobe basically your winter wardrobe without a cardigan? Do you wear the same clothes all year round, just adding layers in the winter and changing your shoes? Many of us are guilty of just sticking to what we know. Wearing the clothes that we feel comfortable in and sticking to the safe colors that aren’t going to make any kind of statement. If you are happy with this, then great, carry on. But, if not, summer is the perfect time to make a change.

Warmer weather gives you a perfect chance to experiment with your style. To try new things and make some bolder choices. This is especially true if you are spending time on vacation, away from your day to day routine and the people that know you. It’s a great chance to really find out what works for you, without having to dress for work or worry about seeing people that you know. But, if you do always wear the same clothes, and have done for a long time, the idea of making even small changes can be scary, and it can be hard to know where to start. Fortunately, it doesn’t need to be difficult, especially in warmer weather when you don’t need to worry about warmth and waterproofs. In fact, there are some exceptionally easy ways to refresh your summer style without having to replace your whole wardrobe.

There are essential summer accessories, like large beach bags, sunglasses and hats. But, it’s also a great time to add some other pieces to your wardrobe. Beachy beads are perfect with plain loose fit tees and simple maxi dresses. Dangly earrings or large hoops look great with hair tied up in a boho bun on the beach, and bangles always look fantastic. Your jewelry doesn’t need to be expensive. Cheaper fashion items are a great way to learn more about what you like and about what suits you and works with your lifestyle (big earrings and a feeding baby might be a no!). Add plenty of accessories to your wardrobe, and you’ve got easy ways to change any outfit and refresh old pieces.

Add Statement Pieces

Your accessories are the perfect place to add some statement pieces. A large statement pendant can be the focus of a boring jeans and tee combo. Oversized sunglasses are an ideal way to freshen up your whole look, without even touching your clothing, and can be the perfect option after a late night, or when your skin isn’t feeling it’s best.
If you are feeling bold, a statement hat, like a stiff brim fedora can look fantastic, help you to get noticed in the crowd and add some sophistication to a simple summer outfit. Other great statement ideas include an oversized patterned beach bag, a bright colored jacket and baggy beach pants.

Summer is also a fantastic time to make some different makeup choices. You probably have products that you wear every day, without giving much thought. This is great, and especially ideal if you tend to be in a rush in the mornings. Put these makeup essentials to the back of your bag waiting for autumn, and add a few splashes of color. A coral blush or cheek tint, or a shimmering highlighter can help to emphasize your summer glow, a bold lipstick or stain can change your look completely, and a different color mascara or eyeliner can help to make your eyes pop. If you want to make a subtler change, add some color to your nails.

Light Layers

Layers are key in summer, especially if the weather is a little unpredictable. Adding a light jumper to a summer dress turns it into a cool two-piece, or putting a long-sleeve tee under a slip or pinafore dress gives it a quirky new look. Colored tights, shirts open over vests and jumpers tied around your waist can all look cool this summer.

Invest in a Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is the ultimate summer layer. Go double denim if you are feeling bold, but layering over a summer dress or trousers is a great way to keep warm and look fab this summer. Denim jackets never go out of fashion either, so it’s a worthwhile investment.

Easy to Wear Summer Dresses

Summer dresses are the easiest way to dress in warm weather. They are easy to accessories and layer, comfortable and relaxed. Pick a style that you prefer, perhaps maxi or wrap, and invest in a few that you love.

Bold Bottoms

Are you guilty of sticking to jeans and dark tights in the winter? Well, summer is a time to change things up — team plain tees with bold bottoms in bright colors and intense patterns for a brand new look.

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