Exhausted In Costa Rica: Day 3

I think that the title of my post really says it all. Today was an exhausting day.


Wake up! Really hard to do considering that we had gone out the night before. However we didn’t stay too late but late enough when your waking up early.

I should mention that last night was really fun and the bars in Costa Rica are so laid back and CHEAP! I sampled some awesome orange beer and I really wish I had taken a photo but its not really safe to bring your phone out with you at night, especially at crowded bars.



Shovel in breakfast for 15minutes and then run to catch a 6:55am bus.

The good news is that I made the bus and now that I’ve got the right currency I feel much better about buying and paying my way around the city.


Hop on another bus to my site (the school where I will be working).


Get off the bus and WALK another 5 blocks to school.


First interaction with the children. There are 20 of them aged 10-12; starting tomorrow they will be mine and another girls from 8-11:30am. I’m really looking forward to helping them learn English.

However today was just a relaxed day filled with playing games, taking pictures, and getting to know them.


Arrive back at the main building; grab a snack and start to plan out tomorrow’s lesson.

We plan on starting with the Alphabet because they hardly knew any of the letters. It should be a really good stepping stone for them and for us.

The rest of my afternoon consisted of eating lunch and exploring. We took another bus downtown to San Jose and explored the local shopping and Mercado Central.

Crowded isn’t even the word I would use to describe it. It’s got this awesome New York meets Europe vibe that’s really amazing on so many levels.

Today I was on the hunt for a change purse and some postcards to send out.

Great success on both fronts!

There is much more walking here than I had previously anticipated and consequently my feet, calves, and ankles are pretty much killing me.

Other than that my experience thus far has been off the charts.

I literally feel like I’ve known the girls I’m staying with for years-we’ve created such incredible bonds its amazing. 

Meanwhile I’m still starving, waiting for dinner, so that being said I’m stuffing my face with pretzels while my house mates eat nuts.

Yep, that’s my night.

I like speaking in # and giving people makeovers. Stick around!


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