Feature Friday: DIY Inchies Tutorial

Happy Friday everyone! As part of our Feature Friday, today we have Amy from All Spice & Acrylics. She is SUPER creative and has put together this awesome DIY tutorial on how to make “inchies”.

I’d love to share a fun project with you – inchies!

Inchies have one basic rule – it’s whatever art can fit onto a 1×1 inch square.  After that, the possibilities are endless!

The reason I love creating inchies is that it’s a project you can keep on adding to for fun whenever inspiration strikes. You can create one inchie to wear as a pin or to put on a greeting card.  You can create 20 inchies at once to display on a big canvas.  It’s up to you!

The materials to make inchies are also free of limitations.  In this project, I used:

Canvas paper

Acrylic paints


Puffy Paints

Fabric Scraps

Little embellishments like sequins, buttons and stickers


Glue Gun (or any glue)


Step 1: First I took a sheet of canvas paper and painted all over it – any abstract design will work.

step 1

This will be what you will cut inch by inch squares out of.  You can also get a little crazy with the background and just make a huge collage.

step 1 cont

Then, mark every inch of the canvas, and proceed to cut as many inch by inch squares as you can

Step 2:  Once you have your inch by inch squares, feel free to make each one a little collage in itself!

step 2

I centered my inchie around a word that struck me in a magazine – “space”

Step 3: Then, I used felt, fabric and embellishments to create a scene around my word

step 3

Glue-gunned everything into place…(any glue will work.)

Step 4: And used puff-paint to outline everything.

step 4

One inchie done!


This was such a cool concept!! I had never heard about this before until Amy. I think this would be a fun summer project to do with slightly older kids-I bet they would really like it!! Thank you Amy for taking over the blog today!


xoxo Lindsay

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