Friday Feature: Denim Essentials

Happy Friday everyone! It’s been quite the busy week and I’m sorry I have been MIA. I think I warned you this was going to happen because my schooling is out of control but I am trying!

Today we have Lysandra from her blog House of Vine. Denim is one of those must-staple items we all own in one form or another. I hope you enjoy!

Denim Essentials

I bet you can quickly name off your favorite pair of jeans and why. I also bet that you love them so much that you regret not buying a second pair. Am I right? Or maybe you did. You may wonder….Why relate denim as a summer wardrobe must have? Denim is to summer as summer is to lovers (Tweet it!). At least I think so.

Summer is a time to relax, renew, indulge, spend time with family & friends, catch up on a good book, be active and enjoy the warm weather while dressed comfortably. So to do all of this at ease, why not be in the know about the on-trend denim options that will get you stylishly through the season. Who doesn’t love some form of denim?

You can wear it at any time of the year. Denim is a durable fabric that can be dressed up or dressed down. It is a classic and if not in too trendy a form, can be timeless. Those shown here are what I find to be the best options to carry any gal flawlessly through summer whether it be on vacation, at a BBQ, checking out a summer concert or worn to work on dress down.

These are what I find to be your denim essentials for an endless summer of being effortlessly chic and ready for anything!


denim collage


1. Perfect fit with any old (or new) thing.

2. These are back and I love how super-cute it goes with those Barneys denim wedges or any wedge, open toe strappy sandal or a neutral tone bootie for that matter.

3. You need these boyfriend jeans! If nothing else makes the cut make sure these are in your closet.

4. These white shorts are so fresh, so clean and so youthful not to mention a change in pace from the white jeans.

5. Wear these overalls on a road trip or trekking through an airport and be stylishly comfortable. Pair it with a loose white button down or a loose off-the-shoulder-crop-top depending on the vibe you want to set.

6. This dress is something you can pull out for that summer concert and rock it.

7. A denim accessory that you can tote all through summer.

8. These espadrilles can be paired with anything for an extra pep in your step.

I hope I have provided you with options you can add to your summer look. Of course, I want to know. So share your thoughts or suggestions by posting a comment.  Please sign up on my website at if you would like to hear from me weekly. I appreciate it!

About Lysandra:

I am Lysandra Leary, the owner of House of Vine, a fashion and personal styling agency in San Diego, Ca. I am native Cali girl, Navy Veteran, Starbucks coffee addict and avid reality show follower (Kardashians, of course!). I love a good weekend brunch with my cranberry mimosa! This company and website is named in memory of my grandmother Elvina (Vine), who instilled in me a love of beautiful things and a work ethic that demands results. I am taking a giant step toward getting past my fear and expressing my vision of the world as a Wardrobe Stylist. I am blessed to be able to fulfill my hearts desire, be real and hopefully provide value while also inspiring others. In addition to my passion for fashion and writing, helping Veterans every day is close to my heart. I also enjoy family and friends, traveling, food, movies, hiking trails, yoga and golf in my spare time. Living and loving life…


I LOVE denim in just about every form!! Boyfriend jeans are my favorite and I also love button down denim shirts. I think it’s funny overalls are making a comeback but I just can’t bring myself to rock them! Thanks to Lysandra for such an awesome post!


xoxo Lindsay

I like speaking in # and giving people makeovers. Stick around!


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