Get a freight forwarder to beat your freight quote

Sending a delivery can be an expensive thing to do, especially if the delivery is urgent and you don’t have a lot of time to shop around. Extra delivery costs are inconvenient and often unnecessary, so it’s always good to plan in advance and find a way out of paying these extra costs.

Shopping around is always a good thing to do but when you go with a cheaper service, there’s every chance that you won’t get the same quality of service that you would with a more expensive company. Getting in touch with a freight forwarder will eliminate this problem for you. Freight forwarders work together with lots of different companies and can negotiate discounts with them so that the company gets more customers and the customers get lower prices.

If you’re going to use a freight forwarder, the best way to do it is to shop around beforehand and find the lowest freight quote you can. The freight forwarder will then work to beat this quote, so the lower the quote you give them, the lower your final quote will be.


There are lots of ways in which freight forwarders can get their customers discounts, many of which would not necessarily work if you tried them yourself. For example, freight forwarders have the power to get discounts simply by asking. They also have a good knowledge of each company they work with so they’ll be able to advise you on the best days and times to send your goods.

To get the best discounts, it helps to be flexible. Firstly, you should try to be available all day when you want your goods picked up, as it usually costs more to arrange a morning or afternoon pick up. If your goods are ready to be picked up at any time, you can save money by filling up unused cargo space. Most companies would much rather sell of the last of their cargo space at a low price than leave it unsold and not make any money from it. A freight forwarder will be able to find out which companies have leftover space and arrange for you to get a discount for it.

You’ll be charged on the amount of space you take up, and if your parcels are shaped irregularly, then you could end up being charged to ship air along with your parcel. Your packages will be measured to the widest and tallest point and this will include any bulges, so if you do have oddly shaped parcels, the best thing to do is to pack them tightly together inside a box and use smaller parcels to fill up gaps between bigger ones. This way you’ll only be paying for the space that you’re using.

For a cheap freight quote get in touch with a freight forwarder now to take the stress and expense out of transporting goods across the world. All you need to do is fill in a form with details of your packages and they’ll match you up with a suitable company and get you the best deal possible.


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