Getting Naked: A Spray Tanning Virgin

I was a spray tanning virgin until yesterday. It was finally time to forget about being white as a ghost and embrace a spray tan.

I  went for two reasons:

1. A trial run for my best friends upcoming wedding

2. I was sick of being fluorescent

Here are some quick tips you need to know before hand

Preparation 24 hrs before:

  • If your going to shave do it the day before
  • Buy Dial soap and Apricot scrub to exfoliate with the day of
products bought and used
products bought and used

Day of spray tan:

  • Wash with only Dial soap
  • DO NOT shave
  • Exfoliate with Apricot scrub; areas such as your armpits, knees, elbows, and ankles
  • You can not wear lotion on your face or body
  • No deodorant as well
  • (basically you need to go in dry as a bone)

The day of my spray tan I was a nervous wreck. Afraid of turning orange and also having to go in topless. It’s always great to drag a friend along with you which is what I did.  She was lucky enough to have a bathing suit to wear, I on the other hand was about to brave the half-naked thing.

As it turns out the fear of being half-naked in front of a total stranger pretty much goes away as soon as she starts spraying you. I was impressed with myself that I was able to bring myself to go through with it. After our spray tan was over you can immediately see results.  It should be noted that after you shower some of the bronzer washes off.

We were spray tanned around 10am and had to wait 8 hrs before we could shower. Here is what she recommended while we waited.

  • Try not to sweat
  • Purchase a plain body wash, something unlike Dove or Olay, it will make your tan last longer. We purchased Sauve brand
  • Do not wash your hands, even after going to the bathroom
  • You can’t have any liquid’s touch your body for 8 hrs
  • After your tan you shouldn’t put on tight clothes or even a bra for that matter unless you want lines
  • Basically either waste a day on the couch waiting to shower or have your spray tan done at night so you can just go to bed after (I’ll probably be doing the latter next time)

So after waiting 8 hrs to shower and when I finally saw my tan I was pretty happy! It’s a very natural looking tan but next time I might even go a tad darker. It’s safe to say that I might be addicted to this and will probably end up going a few times a month.

Here are a few before and after pictures: (as you can see there is quite a difference)

**Also if you’d cared to leave us recommendations for places all over the world our readers would certainly appreciate that.


morning of spray tan
morning of spray tan


after waiting 8 hrs
after waiting 8 hrs


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