{Guest Post} 5 Beauty Trends That Will Be Huge in 2016

Happy Thursday lovelies!! Today I have a special treat, a guest post from a blogger and shopping addict, Amy!

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Amy Mia Goldsmith is a literature graduate from Melbourne. Her passion is beauty and fashion and she loves to spend her free time travelling and of course – shopping! You can contact Amy on her Facebook page and Twitter.


New York Fashion Week was full of surprises when it comes to makeup trends. There was something for everyone, from classic red lips and French nails, to no makeup looks, and more rebellious party statements. To help you be ahead of everyone else, we compiled the list of go to looks in 2016. Try them out yourself.

1. Bronze lids. Bronze shades were all over the runways. The first one to hint at this tone was Adam Selman, with a bit warmer version of gold and orange. Derek Lam followed the trend, although also not so obviously. He included some yellow undertones, while Michael Kors showed us true bronze. Makeup artists say that warm matte tones complement every eye colour and enhance it regardless of the season. So, bronzing your eyelids in the next 12 months will be a safe choice. To break the pattern, make metallic bronze eye shadow your go for party look. It combines perfectly with other metallics, like silver and gold, so do not be afraid to try new combinations. Start with a darker shade and add white shimmer over it to get that extra sparkle.

2. Stiellto nails. Forget the square or rounded nails. The 2016 update on nails brings us pointed long shapes and glamorous designs. If you want to get Kylie Jenner’s look, embrace the acrylic stiletto nails. Compared to short nails, they express your strong personality and complete any outfit. They are perfect for special occasions. Paint them in one colour or use different-coloured polishes. The classic black and white combination is always an option. Add stripes, or polka dots for a more fun look and any casual occasion. If you prefer darker colours, add glitter and gold flakes.

3. Glitter. In the New Year, sparkles were all over the place. Sparkly lips, cheeks, eyelids, nails, hair roots, arm pits, décolletage, even sparkly beards if we are talking about the boys. Reach for glitters and sequins and you cannot go wrong. Although, less is still more, so try not to go overboard and go with one glittery place at a time. Do not do glittery eyes AND glittery lips, or glittery cheekbones AND décolletage. If you are going for shimmer on your cheekbones, use a lighter shadow on your lids.


4. Faux freckles. Perhaps the coolest beauty trend that we have seen on the runways this year are freckles. Until recently, all we could find in magazines and on the runways was freckle-free skin. But freckles give that warm sun-kissed look to your complexion, so why cover them up. If you have not been blessed with freckles naturally, do what Adam Selman did with his models on the runway – fake them. To get faux freckles, use a light brown shaded pencil and apply a fixing powder on top so the freckles would not smudge.

5. Organic face masks. The newest viral trend in skincare is multimasking. It means applying different face masks on different parts of your face. This patchwork approach seems logical, since a greasy T-zone and dark undereye circles call for completely different measures. One mask can hardly do it all on its own. The risk that goes with this new trend is that applying more different products on your face increases the chance of an allergic reaction. What is the solution then? Organic face masks. Since they contain no harmful synthetic ingredients, they almost never cause any irritation to skin. 100 Percent Pure face moisturisers are my absolute favourite, and it is also one of Jessica Alba’s favourite brands.

In terms of beauty trends, we already love 2016. How does it look to you?

Thanks Amy!!!

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