Hair, Makeup, & Skin…oh my!!

You know how much I love Summer but I gotta be honest, it’s just like Winter, meaning I have a whole other regiment for my skin, makeup, and hair. The reason for this post, is tonight, after my shower, I realized that I have 6 bottles in the shower, 6! The reason being, my summer hair seems to be different from my winter, spring, and fall hair. Not only is my hair affected but so isn’t my skin and makeup routine.

What’s so different you ask? Well I’ll tell you…


Over the past few months my scalp was out of control, like dry, flaking, craziness! The first thing was I switched to Paul Mitchell Tea Tree–that didn’t remove the flakes. The next thing was switching conditioners–that didn’t help either. The last thing I did was buy Neutrogena TSAL shampoo which is specifically for flakes–winner winner chicken dinner!

So here I was with my Shea Moisture Shampoo, Fairy Tales (lice) Shampoo, Paul Mitchell Tea Tree, and Neutrogena TSAL, and two different conditioners–one which I stopped using. The TSAL gets used twice a week, the Tea Tree/Fairy Tales gets used after a gym session, and the Shea Moisture all the other days. Whew! Conditioner wise, I’m obsessed with Garnier’s Whole Blends Coconut Water!!


Skin Care:

Now, this is another fun one but easy. Summer time has called for a lot of exfoliating in the shower. I mean I have to shave my legs almost every day! On a recent Target binge, I found this incredible exfoliating shower wash Amazing Smooth It Out in Juicy Grapefruit. Also when I get out of the shower, I like to use Olay’s Facial Oil to replenish.



I’m STILL obsessed with IT Cosmetics and during this crazy weather I LOVE the blurring powder. It really sets my skin and helps to keep me from getting oily. This line of makeup is seriously the best that I have ever used.

Who knew that summer and winter would require these crazy changes to my routines? It’s really nice being able to switch back and forth between products and I love being able to share them with you guys!!

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xoxo Lindsay 

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