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His and Her’s top 10 Valentines Day gifts, under $20

1. FOR HIM CB2 Stainless
Steel Magnetic Frames Available for $2.95-$4.95 at


2. FOR HER: Love Letters Available for $12.50 at

This anthology includes 200 love letters from over the centuries by poets, princes, and other historical figures


3. FOR HIM: CB2 Gigi Stemware Available for $4.95 each at


4. FOR HIM: Vintage Record You’re sure to find a copy for about $15 on


5. FOR HER: Voluspa Mini Fragrance Diffuser Available for $20 at


6. FOR HIM: Chrome Bedroom Dice Available for $14.95 at


7. FOR HER: Williams-Sonoma Double Cherry Pops Available for $12 at


8. FOR HIM: Gap Multiheart Boxers Available for $12.50 at


9. FOR HER: Don’t Forget Ring in Gold Available for $7 at


10. FOR BOTH: Scrabble Available for $19.23 at

Put a naughty twist on this crossword game by playing only suggestive words, or turn it into a game of strip-Scrabble.


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