Homemade Mexican Tortilla Soup

I think we all know how much I love this time of year, and not just for pumpkin flavored everything. The other thing that I LOVE is getting in the kitchen and cooking. One of my favorite things to cook during these colder months is soup. I learned that making your own soup from mostly scratch is super fun and quite easy.

Creating different soups has become one of my favorite things to do. The last time I was visiting the boyfriend in New Jersey, he requested soup. Now, I can make quite a few soups, but he requested a Mexican tortilla soup to be exact. I’m not sure I’ve ever really attempted this, so I ended up having to look up a few recipes, until I got to the grocery store and found something even better.

When I look up recipes for soup, it’s mostly so I can get the seasoning just right. When I entered the store and headed towards the broth aisle, I ended up finding a great Mexican inspired flavor broth!! How perfect was that?! Now I don’t work for Swanson and I am not getting paid to write this, but I just wanted to share how amazingly perfect this broth was for our soup.



This soup was ridiculously good!!! I am so glad I ventured to the store and found this broth. You could even make this with ground turkey and I’m sure all sorts of different veggies!! I enjoyed sharing my soup with you, hope everyone is having a great October!


xoxo Lindsay

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