How Often Should I Wash My Face?

As your skin gets older, washing your face seems less important.  I don’t know about you but when I was in my teens I washed my face everyday to keep breakouts at bay.  Now that I am in my late 20’s (almost pushing 30, ek!) it seems like I wash my face MAYBE twice a week.

However this is different for all skin types.  If you are prone to acne and are on a acne fighting regiment, then stick to that.  However if you have pretty normal-oily skin and your mother has stopped packing your lunch (meaning your out of your teens), then you probably can follow my skin care routine.

So the first thing to consider is the weather, during the summer months sweating can upset your skin.  Instead of washing my face everyday with a face wash, I will sometimes take a cleansing cloth, and go over my face with that. This is especially handy if you take showers in the morning instead of at night. That being said, if you use a cloth on your face at night, then washing it again in the morning will dry your skin out. During the Fall-Spring I tend to wash my face less, once a week seems to be good for my skin.

I keep on hand 2 face washes at all times. The first being a regular face wash, currently I’m using Olay Sensitive Foaming Face Wash.  The thing you want to look for is Oil Free. If it says oil free then the chances of you breaking out from using it are pretty slim. The second wash I use is a FACE SCRUB. I typically only use the scrub once every two weeks, AGAIN depending on how often you are washing your face/how much you are sweating. The scrub is great for removing dead skin.  I swear by St. Ives Apricot Scrub and just recently have tried the CVS brand of that (cheaper).

Once you figure out what works best for your skin then your good to go. Yes it can take some time, but go easy on your face, over washing isn’t good and can cause breakouts. Just remember your skin isn’t the same at age 15 as it is at 25 so give it some time and figure out what works best for you.

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