How to maintain comfort in high heels

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Being a woman and wearing high heels seems inevitable.  There aren’t too many times in our life where we don’t find ourselves in them.  For many of us it is an every day occurrence and for others it happens a few times a month. Needless to say they are out there and we just love to wear them!

Lets talk comfort. Unless your high heel is under 2inches you probably do not experience much pain when wearing your shoes. I’m talking about those fabulous 4inch stilettos that look so good but hurt so much. How do you deal with the discomfort?

The first thing you must do with any heel over 2 1/2 inches is break the shoe in.  Most people will wear their heels around the house a few times and hope for the best but I have found another way that works even better, socks. Yes you read that right, socks. Putting on a pair of socks while walking around in your high heels will help stretch them out.  It may look ridiculous especially when sporting thick white athletic socks and black patent leather pumps but it does the trick for sure.

To fully break in a pair of high heels you need to start doing it about two weeks before the event you are attending, I would never wear a brand new pair of heels to work the very next day of buying them. Allow yourself the time to stretch them out and to make them more comfortable. When you first start breaking in a pair of heels you will need to limit the time you are in them, the first week starting at 15minutes and extending to 45minutes. After the first week, I would remove the socks and just wear them barefoot. Even if that means just sitting on the couch while they are on your feet. The more exposure you can give your feet before hand the better.

Now that you’ve got them all stretched out you will want to maintain that feeling of comfort all day and all night, depending on how long you need to keep them on for.  Maintaining comfort can be done a few ways. Personally I recommend using what is called Friction Block or Blister Block, it is made by Band-aid brand.  You simply rub the stick on sensitive areas on your feet that are prone to blisters/sores ie: heels, toes, sides of your feet. This product is also nice and small too which makes carrying it around all day or night a breeze.  Of course there are many other products designed to put into your shoes to also relieve foot pain but I have honestly not found them to work as great.

So remember when tackling the comfort level of high heels you must first break in your shoes and then be pro-active about keeping that long lasting comfort. Man created high heels for fun and fashion don’t let a little pain stand in your way.


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