How To Pack For A Summer City Break

The holiday season is in full swing with many of us flying off to more exotic climes to relax and take in some sunshine. Although the city break was once seen as ideal for weekends away, more people than ever before are taking their main break in a city. Other ideas being embraced include individuals touring around a number of cities rather than staying in one location.

While this is definitely a great alternative to spending two weeks baking in the sun, sitting on the beach doing nothing, it does come with its own challenges. Although there will not generally be the need for buying beach shorts and other garments typically associated with a summer holiday, you will need to buy some new gear. After all, it would not be a holiday if you didn’t treat yourself to some new clothes beforehand, would it?

How should you pack for a city break?

Remember Everything

That heading probably sounds a little silly, as you never go on holiday planning to forget to pack anything deliberately, do you? What we mean is that you need to plan for every eventuality, so as well as taking garments that you can wear in warmer conditions you also need to prepare for the worst of the weather. While snow is unlikely even in the unpredictable summer, there is a time when you are likely to be caught in a downpour of heavy rain. Make sure you have a rain coat that will keep you warm and dry. Avoid packing umbrellas as they just make your case awkward to organise.

Being Comfortable

Heading to a city for your summer holiday probably means you are looking forward to getting around the place and seeing some sights. With that in mind you need to ensure that you pack comfortable and durable clothes. Wear plimsolls for your journey but pack espadrilles, too. They will not take up much room in your case and if the weather is favourable you can always wear them with jeans.

Loose fitting t-shirts and chinos are definitely the way forward when it comes to the rest of the outfit. Although many chinos are slim fit, go for a more relaxed version so you are not too hot and uncomfortable while on your travels. Same principles with denim, go for looser fits so you are not restricted and left spending your holiday looking for something suitable to wear.

Finally, ensure you have remembered accessories. The hat and the sunglasses should be standard, however consider a stylish scarf, too, for any colder days.

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