How to survive a road trip with your better half

Taking a road trip is probably one of my favorite ways of traveling. Let me rephrase that, it is one of my favorite ways to travel with certain people.  Taking a road trip with your immediate family Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister can be torturous if you don’t get along with them. Lucky for me one of my favorite people to travel with is my better half and also my best friend so its fun regardless. (Just for the record I love my family but being in the car with them for anything length of time is not my cup of tea).

Ok so your ready to take that road trip with your better half  and your thinking that nothing could get better than you and them all alone for days. No one else to walk in the room, no one else to disturb you, just you, them, and the wide open road. This is where you are supposed to say nothing is that perfect and your right.  Yes if you have a very good relationship I’m sure being alone in tight quarters for a couple of days won’t destroy your relationship but it will test it.  Testing your relationship is good, it keeps you on your toes.  After taking many road trips with my better half I have come up with some suggestions that might just get you through your next road trip adventure.

  • Acknowledge the fact that traveling in general can bring out the worst in people. There is something about traveling that makes people more nervous, anxious, and irrated at the smallest things.  If you are one of those people who can stress over anything then put it out there, let whoever your traveling with know this.   Not only will it ease their mind but it might stop you from overreacting at every little thing.
  • Acknowledge that you are in a car for several days and yes you might be getting cranky.  If you feel yourself starting to get cranky or grumpy then say it. Giving the person sitting next to you the slient treatment because you just don’t feel like talking can lead to more then just a slient ride home.  The worst thing you can do is fake a smile, if your in a zone or daze then the person your traveling with should understand, we all get like that.
  • Turn off the music for a while. I know whats a road trip without tunes but turning the music off for awhile can help clear your head and give you a chance to actually talk to the person your with.  I’m speaking from experience, taking a 8hr road trip with my better half with no music the whole way, insightful.  If you can talk and enjoy the silence with your better half, your relationship is already on the right path.
  • Ask each other questions, TALK. I see way too many people/couples out places that don’t even talk to each other anymore.  Whats better then a confined space with the one you love if you don’t even want to talk to them.  Ask questions about where you are going, things you hope to do/discover while you are there. You may find out some hidden interests that you didn’t know exisited.
  • Be flexible. Not everything on vacation goes according to plan and even more so on a road trip.  Maybe it takes extra long or the weather is bad-these are things that one should be flexible with, not being flexible will cause tension and there is nothing like tension on a road trip for many hours.

Being on any kind of vacation is great, being on a road trip in my opinion is one of the best ways to travel.  Maybe it will test your relationship for good and bad.  I honestly believe that if you can survive more then 8hrs in a car with someone you can survive anything.  Keeping  an open mind with these suggestions is a good place to start.  Being flexible and communicating with each other will take you very far.  Enjoy life, enjoy vacations, and enjoy each other because with out each other life isn’t worth living.

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