I’m gonna start planking now!! …

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I’m gonna start planking now!!

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Destination Bridesmaid {what to pack}
My grandma has pounded this way of packing into my brain over twenty five years! So I livd this post extra 🙂

A newbie’s guide to planning a bridal shower
Oh my gosh I want my bestie to get married or have a baby so badly. I pressure her on the daily just because I want to throw her a party. Maybe I should throw her a party just cuz!!

Do blondes have more fun?
As a brunette who used to be a blonde I’d say that they each have fun just in different ways 🙂

Blogging Challenge day 6: Just the facts
Did you know beavers used to be the size of bears!? That’s my fact of the day.

Blogging Challenge Day 3: Substance Abuse
I’m really glad you chose to write about this as it is a subject close to my heart as well. I’ve done a lot of experimenting with drugs in the past, heroin being the most dangerous in my opinion. It’s the drug that ended my stint in experimentation after seeing how badly the people around me, as well as myself were effected. Quiting that lifestyle was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, not just withdrawling from the drugs but cutting out all the “friends” I’d made along the way. Luckily I had some amazing help to pull me out of that pit, good for you for realizing there is a need for people like you to help other kids get their lives going in the right direction! If there hadn’t been people there for me during that time I don’t know what would have happened to me… Last night I actually dreamed about that past, and the first thing I saw when I woke up was my precious little girl and amazing boyfriend, so this post really stuck a cord with me today. Thank you so much for posting Lindsay, as always I love your blog! Keep on keepin’ on!

I like speaking in # and giving people makeovers. Stick around!