I Left My Heart In Costa Rica

I left my heart in Costa Rica. It’s true. I can not tell a lie. As the Summer fades away I can’t help but be saddened by how much I miss Costa Rica.

It’s been a few months now since I’ve been home and back to the daily grind but almost everyday I think about Costa Rica and the children whose faces I miss (even when I didn’t think I would).

So while I’ve been having nostalgia for this awesome country I thought I might share with you the things I miss about Costa Rica and the things I don’t (I mean really don’t).

Bad news first:

I hate to break it to you Costa Rica but I DO NOT MISS all the hills. If you’ve ever ventured to the city of San Pedro you know what I’m talking about. The hills are just EVERYWHERE.

I also DO NOT MISS no sidewalks. Its like your just walking in the middle of the street. And those streets that do have sidewalks are usually covered in construction.

Here’s the big one: I DO NOT MISS not being able to flush toilet paper! This was probably the biggest adjustment I had to make while I was there. Pretty much only the airport allows for toilet paper to be flushed. I know what your all thinking, what about when you have to go “number 2”? Well it gets a tad awkward.

I DO NOT MISS having to check the numbers on the side of the cab to make sure it is a legit cab. True story, you have to make sure that your getting into a “real cab”. They feed on tourists.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, lets talk about all the things I MISS about Costa Rica.


…My host family

…The children of the Abraham Project

…Teaching ESL

…Speaking “Spanglish”

…All of my new found friends in the Teaching English program

…Homemade Empanada’s

…Teaching my host family words in English (such as yummy)

…Drinking large glasses of orange flavored beer

…$1 Tequilla shots

…My amazing tan

…Finding Tom’s brand shoes for $10 

…Movie nights

…Chasing the dog Bianca around the house

…Having the dog Bianca sneeze in my crotch

…Fresh squeezed juice

…Taking the time to appreciate life


So as you can see my list of things that I miss out weighs the things that I don’t miss. Its easy to see why, visiting Costa Rica was hands down the best experience of my life thus far. Venturing out on my own took great guts and I have so much to show for it now.

So while I may have left my heart in Costa Rica, I know that there is always a part of my heart there, how many people can say that?

I like speaking in # and giving people makeovers. Stick around!


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