I love my boyfriend but…

Happy Monday everyone! Today is the last installment of our man crush Monday’s here in March! It’s been super fun writing out my boyfriend and our relationship. Throughout the month I have highlighted all the things that are really great about him and us, but today I thought it would be fun to share some of the not-so cute aspects of him and our relationship (all in good fun of course).

annoying boyfriend

I love my boyfriend but…

…he refuses to put the toilet seat down

…he somehow manages to get every part of the bathroom wet when he showers

…he only drinks IPA’s (yuck!)

…he likes to sleep so close to me I can’t breathe

…he makes a stupid duck face in just about every picture we take together

…he can’t be bothered to put a new roll of toilet paper on

…he leaves his wet towel on the bed

…he needs his back scratched like 50 times a day

…he has used my toothbrush

…he won’t wear socks with his shoes so therefore his feet stink most of the time

and finally

…he lives in New Jersey and that just sucks (until I move there of course)

that god damn face!
that god damn face!

I’m willing to bet most everyone can sympathize with this list! It doesn’t mean I don’t love him but man does he have some things that really bug me!! However, I can be a tad OCD so some of this could be my issue too! Either way, the only thing I would like to see change from this list is the wet towel, drives me insane!!

What are some of your significant others annoying habits? Tell us in the comments below!! Have a great day!


xoxo Lindsay

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