I survived the “L” word

and no I’m not talking about love…I’m talking about that word at just the sound of it you become itchy all over, you may in fact be itchy right now…yes, that’s right I am talking about LICE.

Head lice to be exact but either way it was quite possibly one of the WORST experiences I have ever been through, and no I’m not exaggerating. I have been working with children of all ages for over 10 years now. I have worked in very wealthy settings and also urban areas–not once have I ever gotten lice, until now that is.

It all started last week when I woke up feeling incredibly itchy. I should mention that I have a bit of a dry scalp so that’s what I thought it was. When I got to work/school I booked it to the school nurse where I was expecting to hear that I just had some dandruff. When the words “you have nits” came out of her mouth I almost died. I might possibly be the cleanest, OCD, type A person that you will ever meet, so you can imagine that I was practically dying.

After high-tailing it out of the nurse’s office and to tell my boss that I had to leave, I drove as fast as I could to CVS where I purchased a complete lice kit and also a rosemary, tea tree oil, leave-in conditioner spray for future use. I was feeling so completely gross when I came home that  I rushed right to my bathroom and began following directions.

Photo from CVS.com
Photo from CVS.com

First apply to dry hair, all over and leave on for 10 minutes.

Rinse and then use the lice comb to comb through your hair. That part takes FOREVER. Don’t be surprised if you actually find live bugs, because that does happen and it’s seriously so gross!!

After you strip your scalp, you then need to wash everything that you have touched within the last week in my opinion. If you have kids, this is probably much worse.

I did about 11 loads of laundry and I still felt all itchy. I didn’t go to work for two days and I also didn’t wash my hair for two days either. I did a few rinses with vinegar and water, followed by olive oil. I also slept with a shower cap on my hair for two days in a row. Basically I was a hot mess and it sucked.

So what’s my advice?

If you work with children or if your children attend school/day care, I would highly invest in Fairy Tales. They make a line of shampoos, conditioners, hairspray, gels, and leave-in treatments that repel lice for future use. I invested in the shampoo and the leave-in spray. I will be using it for the foreseeable future.

Photo from FairyTales.com


Also you will have to do another lice treatment about a week after the first one in case there are new eggs that hatched. I would also recommend washing everything again on your bed when you do the next treatment  just in case. I wasn’t taking any chances.

You will also want to comb through your hair everyday or twice a day for the next few weeks to make sure all the nits are gone.

Use the spray that comes in the kit to spray your car, furniture, and mattress. I would also spray down your purse and other items that you can’t wash. It really can’t hurt.

I am still feeling itchy even after I did my second treatment but I’m hoping I have put it all behind me. Have you ever had lice or maybe your kids? How did you treat it and recover? Tell us in the comments below.


xoxo Lindsay


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