I tried HelloFresh: here’s what happened

This week is going on my second week in my new apartment. Last week, being my first week, I opted to try HelloFresh for my week night meals, to save time and a bit of money. HelloFresh is pretty expensive but if you know someone who has tried it, chances are you can get a discount which was the case with me.

So what happens is, you sign up for HelloFresh, either by coupon code or you just pay the regular amount, and then you get to customize your box/recipes. I opted for 3 meals for 2 people.

The box comes refrigerated which is great and was waiting for me when I came home from work!

hello there

Each recipe came with it’s own card and step by step direction. I invited my new guy friend over to help me cook the first meal and we had a great time, also the food was really good too!

Walnut Crusted Chicken

I really enjoyed all 3 of my meals and it was super easy to make them all. I would love to keep going with it, but I just can’t afford $60/week on just dinner. Anyways, here is my end result and it really was delicious! Sorry my pictures aren’t that great!

I’m not a big carrot fan lol

So are you a fan of HelloFresh or Blue Apron? I would seriously make these recipes again, they were yummy!


xoxo Lindsay 


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