I tried trunk club and here’s what happened

Trunk Club, a Nordstrom company, like Stitch Fix, provides personal styling in the comfort of your own home. So that being said, why would I try Trunk Club?

While I did enjoy a few of my Stitch Fix boxes, they were slowly starting to let me down. However this isn’t supposed to be all about them! I will just say that the quality wasn’t matching the price and vice versus.

So anyways, let’s get back to Trunk Club…

Without boring you too much with what I received let me tell you what happened before my trunk even came. My stylist, Elizabeth, who I secretly wish was my friend in real life, gave me a call on the phone. Now I typically hate talking on the phone to the “sales” type, so I was kinda sorta like ugh about this call–I was pleasantly surprised when we were on the phone for almost an hour, talking about clothes!!!

Needless to say I felt pretty good that she had a sense of my style and what I was looking for. A few days later she sent me a preview of my trunk, which is awesome by the way. I only removed 1 item, due to price, the others were pretty pricey but I decided to give it a shot.

Now it’s important to remember the first trunk is really about nailing down sizes and brands, not everything fits the same. That being said, most of my trunk fit either too small or too big. I don’t want to bore you on EVERYTHING that came in my trunk but it consisted of about 3 pairs of pants, several tops, 1 dress, 2 pairs of shoes, workout clothes, and a necklace.

So what did I keep?

The best fitting leggings I have ever worn. $28
The best fitting leggings I have ever worn. $28
The fit was perfect and classy.
The fit was perfect and classy-$46

Originally I didn’t even want to keep the sweater because I own a few grey cardigans, however, after giving this a second try on, on a day I was going to work, it just fit perfectly and now has me re-thinking those other sweaters.

Elizabeth really hit the nail on the head when she said I should be building my wardrobe on items that I will love every time I look in my closet. Right now it’s a huge fight each and every day.

Here are some tips that I have:

  • Talk on the phone with your stylist, not through email
  • Keep your trunk for the full 10 day try-on period
  • Do not return anything until your time is up (you might change your mind like me)
  • Keep an open mind about the price tag
  • Really look through your closet and decide what stays and what goes
  • Try things on more than once

I am super excited for my next trunk and my next phone call with her because I think I have a better idea of what I’m looking for and I can talk to her about my sizing issues! Also, this trunk gave me some good ideas on other things that I might want, just finding them at a cheaper price, I can’t afford a $200 pair of shoes right now, but I could find similar ones for $100!

So have you tried Trunk Club? Still using Stitch Fix? Maybe this will help sway you, there is NO styling fee with Trunk Club, shipping is free both ways!

Let me know your thoughts!!

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xoxo Lindsay 

I like speaking in # and giving people makeovers. Stick around!

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  • Courtney Buteau

    I’ve always wanted to try a service like this. Mostly because I can’t get out to shop and also because I have no clue what people are wearing these days! haha I love that you had a great experience with them. I’ve been doing research on a capsule wardrobe and would love to start building it with a service like this. Keep us updated on your next trunk!

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