I’ve been keeping a secret

Well it’s been awhile dolls, I am so happy to be back in action!! The past month I was SERIOUSLY consumed with a cold that would not vacate my body–this week however I am finally coming around and tackling quite a few blog posts that I have been dying to share with you.

As the title of my post indicates I do indeed have a secret that I am now ready to share and with you all. Some of you may know that I did indeed break up with my long-term boyfriend in October. This is not something I wanted to broadcast on social media but if we are friends, chances are you know or could tell what was going on.

Needless to say, now that the cat is out of the bag, I can start to share some of my newly single dating stories with you all!

First of all, let me just start out by saying I can’t even believe I’m single AGAIN. The fact that I now have to start dating again just kills me. However, I am making the best of it and have only been one really awkward date, as of today.

So dating in 2016, whats that like? Oh it’s like trying to find someone with the least amount of drama; ie: kids, divorce, tons of baggage.

That being said, dating again is KIND OF fun. It’s exciting to get to know someone again, see who you click with, and did I mention buying new clothes?! Buying new clothes has been on my to-do list, as well as finding new places to meet for drinks and coffee.

Lately, I have been trying new coffee places in Rhode Island and last night I was taken to a really fabulous bar that was dark and intimate-the perfect place for getting to know each other. This time around I am really narrowing down what I am looking for and refusing to settle, this means finding someone who really enjoys my love for wine and of course coffee. I would really enjoy renting a fabulous car and taking a day trip to a local vineyard, if I ever get a second or third date!

So that is my big secret kids, I’m single, AGAIN, but I am not letting that stop me from living life. Other than my awful sickness, things around here are going pretty well. Graduate school starts in January and I am seriously contemplating buying my first condo in the spring.

I hope all is well with you!!


xoxo Lindsay



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