June Staff Picks

Its officically the month of June and during this month Fashionista’s Travel is going to be very busy traveling! I will be hitting up Vancouver, BC for a little over a week and then I will be stopping by Maine to check out a new resort! So with that being said this month features the best travel friendly items!

Best Travel Sized Moisturizer 

Dramatically Different by Clinique

This super compact moisturizer delivers unbeatable dryness protection and it usually comes free with any Clinique purchase!

Best Travel Sized Santizier 

Bath and Body Works Pocket Bac

My personal favorite being Island Nectar.

Best Travel Sized Shampoo and Conditioner


You can find these at your local drugstore and in my opinion buying travel size is a good way to try out new Shampoos with out buying a big bottle!

Best Travel Sized “Refresher”

Vichy Thermal Spa Water

One spray and it instantly revilatizes your skin, I never travel with out it!

Shopping Guide: 

Clinque, Tresemee, Vichy, Bath and Body Works

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