Just eat the apple

For the past few days, I have been packing an apple with my lunch, and everyday I come home with the same apple. What is wrong with me? Why don’t I just eat the damn apple I packed? Why do I consistently insist on eating the candy Air Heads instead, or some other snack that I didn’t thoughtfully plan out and will end up making me feel worse?

These are fabulous questions and I really just wish I would eat the damn apple! I almost feel as though the apple is now mocking me from inside my Vera Bradley lunchbox; “ha ha, I knew you wouldn’t eat me!”


Ugh, I can’t even look at the apple without feeling this huge weight of guilt–3 days people, 3 days of toting the same piece of fruit back and forth. I’m just waiting for my inner thin-girl to come out and say, “hey I’m really craving an apple!”

It hasn’t happened yet, I didn’t eat the apple when I got home, like I told myself I would, as I sucked on another Air Head…

This battle of trying to be on a healthier lifestyle is just butting heads with the part of me that just wants to snack–how do I make it stop?

I know I spent most of this post talking about an apple, but honestly what is a girl to do? I want to lose weight so badly but yet I still continued to by-pass the fruit this week. Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow, or eat it tonight for a snack?? Fingers crossed…

Having any inner-food battles lately?? Please tell me so I don’t feel alone!


xoxo Lindsay

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