Keeping Things Fresh

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about my boyfriend and I being “that couple” and the responce was overwhelming! Needless to say we are still that couple and I started thinking about all of the things we do for each other that keep us that way. It’s almost been 1 year and we haven’t stopped trying to keep things “fresh” since day 1. I really enjoy that we BOTH make such an effort in our relationship.

Most of you know prior to this relationship I’ve been in nothing but terrible ones, ones that involved me doing everything and geting nothing in return. I can’t even describe how differntly things are now–some days I’m just so amazed!!

So how do we keep things fresh??

The first one thing that comes to mind is….taking a shower together on the weekends. Monday-Friday we shower seperately based on our work schedules but Saturday and Sunday were made to save water! I’m going to let you in on a little secret, we don’t have sex in the shower!! I know, I know…how can that be?! When we take a shower, its not about the sexy time, its about us talking and being silly, hogging the water,  and of course there is some touching (sorry mom if you’re reading this). But taking a shower together is just one more thing we can do to spend time together after such busy weeks.

Something else that comes to mind is the notes we leave for each other. Part of my boyfriend’s Christmas present included a note set that was part of an inside joke but has actually turned into something we both enjoy writing. It’s just something little to let the other person know how we feel about each other and it’s a nice suprise when we come home and find it!!

I’d also like to mention that we work hard to remember the little things. What I mean by that is, we remember what each other likes, for examples, snacks, drinks, straws; yes my boyfriend bought me a box of straws because I prefer to drink out of them. But all of these things happen without either of us having to ask. And maybe this sounds like a lot of work? But it’s really not, we both enjoy making each other smile and this is such a good way to do it.

 A few weeks ago we stopped at CVS so he could drop off his prescription, I decided to stay in the car. Needless to say I thought to myself, boy he is taking a while. We got home and started to make dinner and all was forgotten. Later on that night I went into my purse to grab my chapstick and found a card laying on top. The card was a handwritten note that was telling me how proud he was of me for this recent diet/lifestyle change I had made. It was so heartfelt and sweet–I couldn’t believe it!! I brought that card to work and I keep it on my desk to remind myself how lucky I truly am.

So let me ask you, how do you keep things feeling fresh in your relationship? I hope you enjoyed reading about us!


xoxo Lindsay 

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