Oh, my goodness… I love this post. I <3 that …

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Oh, my goodness… I love this post. I <3 that you take showers together (SEXY!) but also that you admire and appreciate what you mean to each other by way of sending small notes and showing little signs of appreciation. I thought of that last night when I was taking the train home from the city. Every time I do, my bf always picks me up, regardless of how late I arrive. It's such a small gesture, but it means so much to me and those are the things you really learn to appreciate over the years <3 Kudos to you for finding such a wonderful guy 🙂

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Christmas in July
I love Paperless Post!! And Disney is the perfect backdrop for a holiday card! What a great idea ❤️ Also yes. I lose cards all the time!

We are “that couple”
Amen to this! You do you. I honestly think it’s nice when people enjoy each other’s company and spread joy wherever they go. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend’s loss and hope that she has good friends in her corner to rally behind her now more than ever. All the best for the new year and enjoy the weekend ahead! Xo

New year, new me?
I love this so much, and you are absolutely right. I think when we bite off a bit more than we can chew and make these crazy promises to ourselves, we tend to feel like we let ourselves down… or maybe, that’s just how I feel. I like the idea of having mini goals/milestones to achieve, that are easily attainable. Also, what a great idea to pause a movie to just chat with your significant other! It has to start somewhere, and after 6 years, I try and do the same with my bf whenever possible. It’s important to reconnect like that 🙂

Happy New Year! Hope it’s a great one for you!

5 dry skin solutions
I’d love to try a sugar body scrub, too. This time of year does a number on my skin, too…my skin is so sensitive so I feel like I’m constantly trying to hydrate it.

Thanks for sharing your review—these products look great!

4 ways to shop for kids this holiday season
Oh, I love this so much… I love the book suggestion because I think it’s so important to get kiddos interested in reading at an early ages but also taking them to a local book store do they can pick out books based on their own interests is a great way for them to develop a love of reading <3 and something they need!! I admit, I don’t always follow this advice with the little ones in my life but it’s a great reminder! 🙂

I like speaking in # and giving people makeovers. Stick around!