Losing Cash In Costa Rica: Day 1

Where do I begin????

All the months of waiting have finally arrived-I am finally in San Jose, Costa Rica!

Lets start from the beginning of this glorious day shall we.


WAKE UP! After only have three hours of sleep? Yes, time to get to Boston.


Arrive in Boston and as luck would have it no line at the gate so there I was with plenty of time to kill and a Starbucks to drink!


Take off to Miami–nothing overly interesting to report on this flight which I actually think is a really good concept, I mean who wants an eventful flight?


Arrive in Miami–must find food!! Being up at 2:30am really makes you hungry come 10am. So I found some pizza and proceeded to shovel it into my mouth at 10:30am.


Killing time in the airport while a group of foreign teenage girls proceeded to hoot and holler the whole time. (I’m pretty sure they were talking about me)


Take off to San Jose! Yes the moment I had been waiting for…nervous wreck party of 1

I think my exact words that I uttered to myself as I proceeded to disembark were “what have I gotten myself into?”


Get through immigration and customs–smooth sailing


Find ride home from airport? Yes its hectic and it took forever! Needless to say I was off and running. With a quick trip to the main building it was off to meet my host family.

Nervous wreck party of 1….

Thankfully my host family is AWESOME and the girls I’m here with are really great as well.

Now onto the most eventful part of my day, the moment I discovered that I had forgotten my debit card. Now I do have my credit card but I do not have a pin number to go with it…needless to say I won’t be withdrawing money anytime soon.

So what on earth am I gonna do?

I’ll tell you…I broke down and called my mom. And as luck would have it she is going to Western Union me money tomorrow!

Thank the lord, you can all rest easy that I won’t be selling myself out to make money.

In other news I’m starving because here in San Jose they are two hours behind and we have yet to eat dinner….

However they do have WiFi which means I should be able to write each day of this journey…how exciting is that?!

Ok I’m off to do something….



I like speaking in # and giving people makeovers. Stick around!


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