Macy’s Shopping Haul

I am super excited today!! Today I went to Macy’s and finished off the rest of that gift card I had gotten from the boo on Valentine’s Day! Not only did I score some amazing deals but today is my FIRST ever haul post!!! I have seen a lot of grocery store haul posts and I have always liked them, so why not start today with my Macy’s!

My main reason for going back to Macy’s today was I needed another pair of jeans. I just went about a month ago but only managed to spend $50 out of the original $150. I’ve been losing weight and it’s awesome, except now I need to basically rebuild my wardrobe. That is no easy task-starting from scratch basically which almost always leaves me feeling stressed in the morning because I have nothing to wear.

So anyways like I was saying after work I went to Macy’s and got some amazing clothes! So what did I buy?

love my new clothes!
love my new clothes!
$100 later
$100 later


1. Pair of INC boot-cut jeans $39

-I love these so much! So stretchy and can be dressed up or dressed down!

2. Pair of black INC dress pants $20

-Everyone needs a pair of dress pants, when I found out they were so cheap I had to buy them!

3. Navy Blue Tommy Hilfiger cable sweater $20

-I actually already own this in grey but it is such a great fit I just had to buy it in blue!

4. Jessica Simpson striped tunic $12

-Such an amazing shirt!! Light weight, and dressy/casual!

5. 3 pairs of Warners No-Pinch panties 3/$21

-Forget about that muffin-top, these are so comfy and sexy all at the same time! I love them!


This was such a good shopping trip-I still can’t believe it!! I hope you enjoyed my very first haul! Where do you like to get your shopping deals from?! Tell us in the comments below!!


xoxo Lindsay

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