Make ahead oatmeal breakfast smoothies

Taking a day away from my blog challenge, I have been wanting to share with you this really awesome recipe! My mornings are crazy so finding something that was easy and healthy has been my mission. After doing some digging around online I found what I think is the best oatmeal smoothie.

Annnnd before you get all health conscious on me, my nutritionist approves!!! That’s right I went to see one and shared with her everything I eat and she really was impressed (so that’s the good news).

So not only is this smoothie ridiculously easy but it keeps me full for quite a few hours which is a huge plus. So are you dying to know the ingredients?! [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:3]

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I love making these smoothies–what I usually do is prep a bunch so that way I can just grab them in the morning. It is pretty easy to make in the morning but I prefer to do it this way! Let me know if you make this and what your thoughts are?!


xoxo Lindsay 

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