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I love that it is July and summer, but I must say it reaks havick on my makeup! Staying up to date with makeup is not usually my forte-I tend to stick to the same brands but I was elated when YSL sent me two AWESOME products that are perfect for this summer weather!

The first product being a primer (which makes your makeup so much better) TOUCHE ÉCLAT BLUR PRIMER

The first radiance boosting foundation primer that combines the light of Touche Éclat and the perfecting effect of blur. Formulated with 4 nourishing oils, skin is left incredibly soft without greasy residue. Immediately the look of skin is improved: pores look diminished, skin texture feels smoother, skin tone looks more even and luminous. Free of dulling opaque fillers, the transparent texture is available in one universal shade with subtle sparkles of golden light for maximum luminosity. Suitable for all skin tones

photo by pearls and poodles
photo by pearls and poodles


A YSL first, blur in a compact that perfects skin while retaining its luminous glow. It transforms from a balm to a powder upon application to blur imperfections and create a transparent, ever so slight rosy-glow effect. Instantly pores look visibly minimized, skin feels smoother and complexion looks more uniform. Use 3 ways: 1. Alone as an all-over complexion perfector 2. To set makeup 3. As a mattyfying touch up during the day to sweep away any shininess and imperfections.

So how do both of these play out? Freakin’ fantastic! I love using the blur primer and just the blur primer on hot days. In the summer I don’t feel the need for a lot of makeup (unless I’m going out) so moisturizer and then the primer is perfect! The blur perfector can be used alone or to set makeup. I like to keep it in my bag and use it mid-day when I’m feeling oily or if I need to go somewhere after work.

I’m pretty pumped that I’ve recieved these products, especially since I have never used an YSL product before. If given the chance I would totally pick up the primer first. Have you used these products before? What is your favorite primer? Tell us in the comments below!


xoxo Lindsay



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