Making Menus In Costa Rica: Day 9


I had one of my best lessons as an ESL teacher thus far. We have been working on introducing new vocabulary to the children and decided to work on food. More importantly the different foods they eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

That being said we thought it would be fun to create their own restaurant menus. After reviewing a lot of different vocabulary we began to demonstrate what a menu looked like and what it consisted of.

By creating a menu on the board we broke down each part and explained how it looked and how much each item cost.

It was amazing which children had no idea which food items belonged in which category. You can tell which children are exposed to new and different foods.

The end result of the menus was more than I could have asked for. Some even went as far as to create names for their restaurants-my favorite one titled “beautiful foot”.

It still hasn’t hit me I’m leaving soon-I really wish I had more time to devote to them. The next lesson on their homes should be a big hit as we create floor plans!

Till next time…


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