March Goals 

Goals either work for me or I just can’t stick to them. Each month of 2015 I have tried to make goals to set for myself. January and February consisted of fitness goals and its safe to say I fell off the wagon in February. Now that it is March I thought I was try coming up with a few new goals to tackle.

March goals:

Write 3+ times a week

Increase unique visitor count to 1200 (currently 1100 February)

Zumba once a week

 Finish reading blogging self-help book

Increase Twitter and Instagram followers

Speak up more during my clinical internship

Worry less

Now I know that doesn’t seem like a ton of goals but I think it’s important to keep things on the small size-you are more likely to finish what you start. So now that I’ve talked about what my plans are for March I thought I would highlight some of my achievements during the month of February!

Reached 1100 unique visitors!

Maintained an A+ in my Ethics class!

Started blogging 3 times a week!

Became more involved with blogging groups on Facebook!

So overall it has been a good couple of months for my blog and personal life. Things are spot on with my boyfriend and I truly couldn’t be happier. My blog is also doing the best that it’s ever done and I really owe that to myself and my readers-I’ve been putting in all the hard work and I am just thrilled that there are people visiting and commenting!

What are some of your goals for March? 



xoxo Lindsay

I like speaking in # and giving people makeovers. Stick around!


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