Moving 101: My first place

I’m just going to apologize now for the amount of posts related to my new move, but I’m so friggen’ excited I can’t contain myself.

So yes, this is my first place at 34 years old (I know, I know). So it occurred to me that maybe I should share some of my first place/moving tips with you guys, maybe some of you are moving or know someone who is!

  • After I found MY place the first thing I would recommend is taking lots of pictures. I took quite a few but should have taken more, especially different nooks/angles so you can remember size information.
  • If your new place has storage, which mine does thank god, I would recommend getting rubber tubs/bins to move things in, this way you can actually re-use them to store other things like seasonal clothes and or holiday related items. Currently my bedroom is filled floor to ceiling with bins.
  • Also I would say give yourself plenty of time to move, try not to move with only two weeks or so. I gave myself one month to get finances in order and also more time to buy what I needed, which was basically everything!!
  • If you are planning on going to IKEA, get online first and create a list! It really helped when I went there, made things much easier and less stressful. I still have to go back to IKEA for my couch and desk but at least I know exactly where the self-storage area is.
  • Try not to rush the move and cram it into one day, I’m lucky enough to have two days, Saturday and Sunday, to get my u-haul truck and have Verizon come and set up my wifi. This way my friends who are helping do not feel pressured to rush and I do not want to put anyone out.

I am beyond excited to move and will be sharing MORE posts and perhaps my CRAZY IKEA haul that happened a few weeks ago! Thanks for reading and hanging out with me!


xoxo Lindsayย 

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